Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Benefits

By The Lifestyle Center

St. Louis Breast Augmentation Fat TransferIt seems like a dream come true. It’s now possible to move fat from where you don’t want it (such as hips, thighs, and waist) to where you do want it: Your breasts.

But you don’t have to pinch yourself: Natural breast augmentation using your own fat is fact not fantasy.

Dr. Richard Moore at The Lifestyle Center in St. Louis, offers breast augmentation fat transfer that enhances your bust line without implants. He can also use fat transfer for facial enhancements and butt lifts. In fact, The Lifestyle Center offers a spectrum of services ranging from cosmetic surgery to spa services

Breast augmentation fat transfer involves removing fat from problem areas, such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen. It’s purified and then strategically injected into your breasts via micro-droplets. This technique enhances the fat’s ability to establish a blood supply and prevents reabsorption. Using Dr. Moore’s method, about 80 percent of the fat cells should survive the transfer and become a natural part of your breast. The technique of multiple injections also allows Dr. Moore to distribute fat to various areas of the breast, and in the process sculpt a natural breast shape.

Dr. Moore is a leader in the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, which lets a woman skip both breast implants and a more invasive surgery. With a fat transfer to the breasts, there are no large incisions and scars, and recovery is faster. Most patients can return to work two or three days after the fat transfer.

Benefits of Fat Transfer for Augmentation

  • All Natural. With a fat transfer, your own natural body fat is harvested and used to make your breasts fuller. There is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.
  • Body Sculpting. Using liposuction, fat is removed from areas where you have excess fat deposits, leaving those regions more sculpted and toned. The fat is then used to increase your breast size. It’s a win-win.
  • Small Incisions. The fat transfer method avoids the larger scars required for implants. In fact, there are no incisions at the breast, just injections of fat.  And the liposuction procedure requires only small 3 mm incisions where the fat is harvested.
  • No Implant Complications. As the Food and Drug Association points out, implants are not lifetime devices. At some point, implants will fail and need to be replaced. That means additional surgeries. Complications with implants include implant rupture and deflation, capsular contracture, and rippling, to name a few. This can’t happen with a fat transfer.
  • Fast Recovery. Average recovery after a fat transfer is two to four days, much faster than recovery from implant surgery.

Fat Transfer Candidate

The ideal candidate is a woman who wants rounder and fuller breasts, but wants to avoid saline or silicone breast implants. However, it must be understood that results with fat transfers are variable. Though individuals may see an increase of one cup or slightly more in breast size, this cannot be reliably guaranteed. However, the process can be repeated to further increase cup size. If you want to predictably enlarge your breasts by several sizes, you may need to consider implants.

What Next?

If you are considering breast augmentation and would like to know if the fat transfer method would help enhance your bust line while avoiding the complications of implants, get complete information by calling for an appointment.