Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen (3 Month Supply)


Potent plant adaptogens that help improve the body’s response to stress by naturally balancing stress hormones, which is key for a healthy hair growth cycle.


Frequency: Every Month; Price: 95, Frequency: Every 2 Months; Price: 95, Frequency: Every 3 Months; Price: 95

A powerful blend of adaptogenic botanicals that help the body adapt to, recover from, and respond better to chronic stress, a key root cause of shedding and thinning hair. These adaptogens are also known to promote a sense of calm and improve mood, focus, and sleep.1-3

Additional Information


  • Supports the HPA axis, which controls the stress response.
  • Helps protect the body from the effects of stress.
  • Has a calming effect on the mind and body.



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Daily dosage: 2 capsules


Rhodiola Rosea, Schisandra, Reishi

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