4 Easy Ways The Lifestyle Center Can Address Your Acne Troubles

By Amy Candrl

When you think of acne, you probably recall those cringe-worthy high school photos of you when you were dealing with pimples and breakouts. While minor cases of acne are normal and can happen to anyone, untreated acne can result in chronic breakouts, clogged pores, and the formation of acne scars, leaving you feeling self-conscious. You may wonder if you’ll ever have beautiful, clear skin again.

You don’t have to live with the scarring and imperfections that acne may give you, thanks to The Lifestyle Center. Here are 4 ways you can achieve smooth, clear skin with the help of Richard Moore, M.D. at The Lifestyle Center:

Fractora RF – While laser therapy has been used for years to resurface skin and address fine lines, scars, and discolorations, the procedure can be uncomfortable and typically takes several weeks of post-procedure downtime. Fractora RF provides a fractional skin resurfacing that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin tone and texture irregularities, and sagging skin. This treatment is more comfortable, more affordable, and less invasive with patients only needing a few days for recovery. Patients will often notice firmer skin and reduced wrinkles, lines, and scarring within a few days after the procedure.

Chemical Peels – Beautiful, glowing skin is just a few layers away with one of our various chemical peels! Within only a few short minutes following the peel, dead skin cells will be lifted away, and your body will signal living cells in the layers below to multiply and increase collagen and hyaluronic acid production, giving you supple, youthful skin once more. 

SkinPen™ – Do you have signs of pronounced acne scarring? SkinPen™ might be right for you. This treatment is the most advanced form of microneedling on the market and works by using acupuncture-like needles to stimulate your skin’s natural healing process, triggering new collagen and elastin production.

SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy – For a deep, relaxing skin exfoliation, our SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy is your treatment of choice. This 3-step procedure uses sea salt, which has been used for centuries to heal skin and draw out impurities naturally. The LED light therapy can be used to treat acne, clearing eruptions and other skin blemishes, removing redness, and promoting collagen production. Best of all, it’s safe and effective for all skin types and has no side effects!

In addition to these treatments, we offer our patients a full line of pharmaceutical-grade of topical products to help them achieve and maintain healthy skin.

If you’ve been suffering from acne and wish you could achieve clear, youthful skin once more, schedule an appointment at The Lifestyle Center by calling (314) 836-5556. Richard Moore, M.D. and his team of specialists can formulate the right treatment plan for you!

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