The Lifestyle Center offers an exclusive Medical Gym membership for clients committed to maintaining their EmSuite results through specialized fitness training and enhancing treatments.

For those who have already enjoyed EmSuite treatments, this program provides access to our state-of-the-art procedure touchups and one-on-one coaching tailored to your transformation goals, guaranteed to help you keep your new shape looking its best!


As a Medical Gym Member, you’ll receive:

  • Access to personal training sessions
  • Discounted rates on Emsculpt, Emtone, and Emsella treatments
  • Guidance from our staff on supplementary products to boost results


The Medical Gym runs on a flexible points-based system. Members purchase a set number of points monthly that can be redeemed for body contouring sessions or other gym services. The Medical Gym membership does not offer access to Personal Training Sessions.

The Medical Gym Membership fee is $50 to enroll. Then, you’ll purchase customized points packages based on your monthly usage needs.

Points breakdown:

  • Emsculpt Classic: 1 point
  • Emsella: 1 point
  • Emtone: 2 points
  • Emsculpt Neo: 2 points

Points are priced at $175 each, with members able to purchase up to 8 per month on a quarterly basis. Contact us for details on the packages we currently offer for point purchases. We’ll help guide you in using this to maximize savings benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify to join the Medical Gym program?

To enroll, you must have completed an EmSuite treatment package in the last six months. Qualifying packages include Emsculpt Classic, Emsculpt Neo, Emtone or Emsella.

Can I change the number of points each month?

You can adjust points purchased on a quarterly basis depending on your evolving goals and treatment plans. Changes require resigning forms and payment info, and we’re happy to help you adjust to fit your needs!

Are there discounts on other services?

The Medical Gym membership focuses exclusively on body contouring treatments and fitness and supports your EmSuite investments. Unfortunately, no additional discounts apply for other treatments or products. Consider joining our Lifestyle Savings Membership for more benefits. Check out the details here.

Is there a minimum commitment?

The Medical Gym has a minimum 3-month commitment. If you withdraw from the program, you must meet the re-enrollment criteria.

How long does the membership last, and will it automatically renew?

Your Medical Gym Membership runs for 12 consecutive months and automatically renews annually on the same date you signed up. You’ll be charged a $50 fee and can roll over any unused points.

What happens if I need to take a short break from the gym?

We do not allow membership pauses. However, you can cancel with a 10-day notice before the yearly renewal. NOTE: If there is a 3+ month gap since your last EmSuite treatment upon rejoining, you must complete a new package before re-enrolling.

What if I’m already a member of the Lifestyle Advantage Membership?

We recently retired the Lifestyle Advantage program and instead created the Medical Gym Membership to offer added benefits. Join, and your $50 enrollment fee will be waived as an additional gift to you. We appreciate your loyalty!

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