Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S.

Affecting up to 50 million Americans each year. Skin has tiny openings called pores that release oils and sweat. When oil, sweat, and dirt get trapped inside those pores, it can cause pimples to form, leading to unwanted acne outbreaks.

Types of acnE

White heads: closed bumps under the surface of the skin

Black heads: open bumps turned black from oxygen exposure

Cysts: large, painful lumps under the skin that contain pus

Pustules: tiny red pimples with pus at the tips

Papules: small red bumps from infected hair follicles


Causes of acne & acne scarring



Common ages we see with acne & acne scarring


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The Lifestyle Center is dedicated to not only treating but educating our patients. Located in Ladue, MO, we’re proud to offer the widest selection of aesthetic procedures in the area to help you fight against acne & acne scars. We are not a one-and-done provider, rather we take a wholistic approach to help you look and feel your best. Each patient enjoys:

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More than 30 FDA-approved medical devices

A professional staff with over 70 years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry

Unmatched variety of procedures and treatments

Medical Director on-site daily

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