5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ThermiVa

By Amy Candrl

Ladies, if you’re feeling frustrated or self-conscious about your body, especially regarding your vaginal anatomy, you’re not alone. Aging, childbirth, and genetics can take a toll on a woman’s body, leading to urinary stress incontinence, sexual discomfort, and more. That’s why there’s ThermiVa, a non-invasive procedure that rejuvenates and tightens your vaginal tissues.

ThermiVa is a revolutionary nonsurgical procedure that restores vaginal tissue and stimulates collagen production painlessly, quickly, and conveniently. We use a special wand to transmit radiofrequency (RF) energy to the external labial folds and internal walls of the vagina. Controlled and comfortable heat helps tone, restore, and rebuild tissues within the vaginal walls, all without anesthesia or sedatives!

This incredible procedure has improved countless women’s lives in the St. Louis region, thanks to Richard Moore, M.D. at The Lifestyle Center. Here are 5 amazing benefits that women experience when they choose ThermiVa:

Reduced Bladder Leakage – Many women of all ages experience urinary incontinence and leaking. This issue, which usually affects older women or those who have recently given birth, can be treated with ThermiVa. The procedure tightens internal and external tissue, giving patients improved muscular coordination in the pelvis and increasing urinary continence.

Vaginal Dryness Relief – Women will often experience vaginal dryness and discomfort as they age. This is typically due to the declining levels of estrogen in their bodies. ThermiVa works to restore normal vaginal secretions, which helps decrease tearing and irritation.

Tightened Vaginal Skin – ThermiVa can be used for both the vaginal area and the labia major, which corrects sagging vaginal skin and makes wearing undergarments much more comfortable. In time, the treatment will continue tightening any stretched or loose tissue in the area, bringing you peace of mind and confidence once again.

Reduced Pain During Intercourse – The vaginal wall naturally stretches during sexual activity and childbirth; however, many women can experience pain and discomfort when the wall is loose or the skin is irritated. Many patients report not only a decrease or elimination of painful intercourse but also improved or heightened sexual pleasure after undergoing ThermiVa.

Quick, Noninvasive Treatment – ThermiVa is a procedure that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and routine. The nonsurgical treatment takes less than an hour to conduct and doesn’t require any anesthesia, numbing shots, sutures, or creams. Better yet, there is little to no pain or downtime associated with the treatment, and patients can resume their daily activities right away!

You don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable and often embarrassing side effects associated with aging or childbirth any longer. Schedule your free consultation at The Lifestyle Center by calling (314) 863-5556 and see how ThermiVa can help you regain your comfort and confidence!

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