A New You with Natural Breast Augmentation

By Amy Candrl

For years, women have asked the question "Can't you take the fat from down here and move it up to here?". Women are seeking an alternative to saline or silicone breast implants in favor of a more natural solution. With recent advances in fat harvesting, stem cell preservation, and transfer techniques, natural breast augmentation with fat transfer has become a reality.  Studies have shown that within seven years, 44% of women who have had breast implants will need to undergo further surgery to remove, replace or alter the implants due to problems with rupture, encapsulation or infection. Further, breast implants often have an unnatural appearance and often do not feel like natural breast tissue. Natural breast augmentation provides a dual benefit of body sculpting in problem areas with a more natural appearing breast augmentation that is the "real you".

  1. How is natural breast augmentation performed? Natural breast augmentation involves harvesting fat from one portion of the body and transferring it to the breast tissue. The devil is in the details to obtain the most optimal results. At The Lifestyle Center, following local anesthesia with tumescent fluid, Dr Moore utilizes the Tickle Lipo medical device to harvest the cells. Tickle Lipo has been shown to optimize the stem cell content of the fat aspirate while minimizing the trauma to the cells.  This results in a higher survival rate for the fat cells. In addition, we recapture the stem cells from the tumescent anesthesia to further enrich the stem cell count in the fat transferred. Stem cells have been shown to improve the survival rate of the transferred fat. In addition, we combine a nutrient fluid to the fat cells to nourish them and increase their likelihood of survival. Once harvested, the fat cells are transplanted into the breast in micro-droplets to enhance their ability to establish a blood supply. Fat cells have approximately 24 to 36 hours to reestablish a blood supply or they will not survive. We expect approximately 80% of the fat cells to survive following transfer.
  2. What are the benefits of natural breast augmentation versus breast implants?  To begin with, your fat is not foreign to your body so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Second, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia without the risk of general anesthesia.  Third, healing and recovery are greatly accelerated versus implants. Fourth, there is a dual benefit to this procedure of body sculpting in a problem area combined with the breast augmentation. Often the cost, of this combined benefit is significantly less than the cost of breast implants. Finally, the results are permanent. It takes approximately two to three months to assess the results of the procedure.
  3. Who is the ideal candidate for natural breast augmentation? The ideal candidate is a woman who is seeking both a body sculpting procedure and natural breast augmentation without significant underlying medical issues. Due to limitations on the amount of fat that can be successfully transplanted, the ideal candidate would expect to see rounder, fuller breasts but they may not increase their cup size. Some individuals may see an increase by one to one and a half cup sizes but this cannot be reliably guaranteed. For the individual seeking a more dramatic result, they could consider having the natural breast augmentation performed a second time or may opt for breast implants.
  4. When can I return to work or regular activities? Most patients can return to work two to three days following their procedure. Limitations on activities are related more to the harvesting site than the breast augmentation. We ask that you limit lifting objects to 10 pounds and avoid strenuous exertion for two weeks. In addition, we require that all natural breast augmentation patients have three lymphatic drainage massages in the first couple weeks following their procedure.
  5. How can I learn more?  The best way to learn more is to schedule a personal and private consultation with our nurse consultant and Dr Moore at The Lifestyle Center in Clayton. During your consultation, we will answer any questions you have, explain the procedure, and show you before and after results.

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