Cellulite Got You Down? Make It Disappear With Sculptra!

By Amy Candrl

If you’re like countless other women on the planet, you probably dread wearing anything that would expose your legs or thighs from fear of showing off your cellulite. Cellulite has stopped many women from wearing cute skirts and has caused them to keep their cover-up on at the pool. If you feel like this is you, you’re not alone – 90% of women have cellulite.

Cellulite is one of the toughest problems to treat. It is caused mostly by the connective tissue under our skin. Fat deposits sit side-by-side with tough collagen fibers called fascia, which are anchored to our muscles beneath our skin. When the fascia is pulled tight or if the fatty areas grow larger, the fat deposits may bulge out. This causes ripples and dimples, otherwise known as cellulite. Gaining or losing weight can also affect the appearance and severity of cellulite, but even those who are young, fit, or at their goal weight can still have cellulite, and it tends to worsen with age as our skin cells become less firm.

While many treatments have come on the market in recent years, most provide a very temporary improvement in cellulite while others are quite invasive and expensive. Enter Sculptra, an injectable product that restores volume to the treated area by boosting your own body’s natural collagen production. This amazing new procedure fills in dimples while disrupting the tight fascia beneath your skin. Sculptra improves your skin’s texture, gives it lift, and adds firmness to your skin.

When you banish cellulite with the help of Sculptra, the problem areas on your body can be rejuvenated in 2 to 3 sessions spaced about 6 weeks apart. This procedure is very comfortable and quick. Minimal bruising can sometimes occur in the areas that are treated.

If you’re ready to get your confidence back and say good-bye to that pesky cellulite, be sure to call Dr. Richard Moore and his skilled team of experts at The Lifestyle Center at (314) 863-5556! We will give you a free consultation to determine how Sculptra can benefit you. Learn more about us by visiting us online at!

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