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By Amy Candrl

Most people would agree that the midsection is the biggest problem area of their bodies. When diet and exercise have failed or plateaued, many will become frustrated and will feel as if they can never lose those last couple of pesky pounds. Dr. Moore and his team of skilled professionals at The Lifestyle Center can help!

We can help you take control of your core and improve your problem area with VanquishME™, a non-invasive treatment that really works. VanquishME™ is safe for those up to 20 pounds overweight and can be performed in less than one hour. This is the industry’s largest spot size treatment, covering the abdomen from flank to flank and improving circumferential reduction. Best of all, there’s no downtime, so you can get back to doing what you need to right away!

Not convinced that VanquishME™ is right for you? Read these reviews below to see how this treatment has changed the lives of so many others:

“I always carried excess weight around my midsection. Vanquish was perfect. I first started feeling better in my clothes. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and overall reduction in my waist and love handles and was not mad at my awesome curves that began to reintroduce themselves. My body drastically changed and that would not have happened without Vanquish. Treatments were pain-free, relaxing, and affordable. I 100% recommend Vanquish treatments to anyone looking to reduce their waistline and increase their confidence!” –New York, New York

“I am over 40 and had a pooch in my lower belly from having kids that no amount of exercise and diet could shrink. I started Vanquish treatments in September and just finished my last treatment. I lost almost 2 inches in my lower waist and now my clothes are looser and I look and feel like I did when I was 20. It is easy and painless and worth the money because nothing else worked!” –San Diego, California

“Admittedly, I am not optimistic with shortcuts when it comes to weight loss. I work out, I eat well, and I benefit. I find that even with this, there is always room for improvement. Googling eventually took me to Vanquish. An evening’s worth of YouTube footage, combined with positive reviews had me searching out the procedure locally the next day. It is six weeks later, and I am more than thrilled with my results!” – North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“After researching VanquishME™, I decided to start my treatments one month ago. As mentioned in other reviews, there was no pain and no downtime whatsoever! After my first three treatments, I have already lost 1.5 inches around my belly. I am extremely pleased with my results.” – Pauley’s Island, South Carolina

“The treatment was easy, comfortable, and painless. There’s no pain and I went back to work right after each of my four treatments. The results are great. My jeans fit better and all of my clothes look great. I’m getting lots of compliments from friends who have no idea what I did. I’m sold!” – Washington, D.C.

“I swear, fat has melted away! I’m wearing paints I couldn’t button before, and I’m down two sizes. I’m looking for tops that will show off my waist. I walk around feeling my waist in disbelief.” – New York, New York

“I’m a Vanquish believer for sure! I’ve had 6 treatments and noticed results after 3 treatments. My skinny jeans zip and button with ease again.” – Salem, Oregon

You can read even more amazing reviews by visiting here:

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