Our 7 Spa Facial Services Will Leave Your Skin Looking Luminous and Gorgeous!

By Amy Candrl

What’s the largest organ of the human body? Did you say, “the skin”? Then you would be correct!

When we think about taking good care of our bodies, we tend to think about our bones, our smaller organs, and maybe external things like our hair and nails. We might not realize that our skin is an organ that needs care as well. Your skin should be able to eliminate toxins while retaining a healthy, vibrant, elastic, and moisturized glow.

No matter your age or needs, we have plenty of spa facial service options for you to choose from here! Read on to learn more about our 7 amazing services!

Firming Facial – If you’re looking for a refreshing facial that fights aging, then you need to try this facial! It has vitamin C, which is the best anti-aging ingredient out there. This facial works to exfoliate, firm, and hydrate in two masques that are chock full of vitamin C. You’ll feel like a million bucks after receiving this facial!

Acne Facial – Are you a teenager or adult dealing with acne or breakouts? Do you just feel like your pores are seriously clogged? This facial is for you! Customized to your skin’s needs, this facial gives you an extended time for extractions, which includes a calming anti-bacterial serum and cold compress, which works to close your pores and prevent future breakouts. We then top it with a masque that has been tailored to your skin, making you feel like new again!

Acne + Anti-Aging Facial – This special facial is for those in their 30s who are still dealing with acne and are beginning to worry about the affects of aging on their skin. This facial gives you the benefits of both the firming facial and the acne facial, all in one!

Sensitive Skin Facial – If you have rosacea or generally sensitive skin, look no further than our sensitive skin facial! We only use calming, hydrating products with this facial – nothing abrasive will touch your skin at all. This is geared to help minimize any red on your face while leaving your skin looking radiant and luminous!

Men’s Facial – Who says that facials are only for women? Men, you can enjoy this specially-tailored facial, whether you’re looking to decongest the skin, add extra hydration to your face, or a bit of both!

Hydrating Facial – Are you just looking to have a typical facial and hold no concerns in particular about your skin, the hydrating facial has what you need! You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and rehydrated once you’re done with this facial. It’s the perfect treat to help you unwind from your busy schedule.

Medical Microdermabrasion – This is one of the most popular cosmetic medical procedures performed! It won’t just smooth the fine lines and reduce pigment irregularities on your skin; it will allow you to return to your normal activities immediately afterward!

Every facial at The Lifestyle Center starts with a skin evaluation to match the facial with your skincare needs. Each facial includes exfoliation, extractins, massage, and a masque, using only Skinceutical products, and everything is tailored to meet your specific needs. Be sure to call us at (314) 863-5556 to get scheduled for your much-deserved facial!

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