Effective hair restoration without linear scars.

Most people experience some sort of hair thinning or even hair loss with age. Fortunately, our NeoGraft procedure at The Lifestyle Center replenishes hair loss, leaving you will fuller, thicker hair.

Since NeoGraft in St. Louis uses your own hair follicles, the procedure is 100% natural, which means there’s less risk of negative side effects. The result is a natural hair transplant procedure that works for both men and women.


What It Treats

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair



Procedure Time

8 Hours

Recovery Time

5-10 Days




With NeoGraft in St. Louis, you gain natural results since the procedure uses your own hair. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about a difference in hair texture or tone.


Unlike surgical procedures, your hair restoration with NeoGraft won’t take weeks of downtime. Instead, you can expect only 5 to 10 days of downtime before you can return to your daily activities.


NeoGraft is a safe way to treat thinning or balding hair. You gain fuller and thicker hair without the risks that come with surgical hair transplant procedures.

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Step-by-Step Process


You’ll first meet with us for a free consultation to examine your hair and discuss your goals for NeoGraft in St. Louis.

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Step-by-Step Process

Harvest your hair

Once the procedure starts, we carefully remove hair follicles from the back of your head.

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Step-by-Step Process

Implant the hair

After we’ve harvested your hair follicles, we then implant them into thin and/or balding areas.

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Step-by-Step Process


You can expect 5 to 10 days of downtime, and you may need two treatments to get the best results.

How it works

You don’t have to live with thinning or balding hair. Hair loss can be frustrating, but with a NeoGraft procedure, you can regain confidence and even appear years younger. NeoGraft makes hair restoration easy, fast, and simple, giving you significant results without incisions, staples, or major downtime.

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Minimally invasive

During the minimally invasive procedure, we gently remove hair follicles from the back of your head and implant them in thin and/or balding areas. You’ll get amazing hair restoration results without the long linear scarring of traditional hair transplants.

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Get your desired look

Depending on your hair growth cycle, you may need two treatments to get your desired look. The process takes around eight hours to complete and requires 5 to 10 days of downtime.

Paired Procedures

Hair PRF

Hair PRF

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

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