Seeing is Believing, Thanks to EMAGE at The Lifestyle Center!

By Amy Candrl

Spring is here, which means the sun is finally out! Many of us love to head outside to garden, hike, or simply spend time at our favorite places with our family and friends. While basking in the sun is one of the many perks that Mother Nature gives us in spring, it can wind up damaging our skin over time. Here’s something even scarier – you may not even see the results of the sun’s harmful rays on your skin.

Even though that glowing star in the sky improves our mood and provides us with Vitamin D, long-term exposure can cause the development of brown spots, wrinkles, and, in some cases, skin cancer. Fortunately, The Lifestyle Center can now help you catch and reverse sun damage, along with any other skin conditions you might have. This is all thanks to our latest system, the EMAGE Image Pro II!

Here’s how it works: the EMAGE Image Pro II’s advanced, all-digital Triple Spectral Skin Analysis allows Richard Moore, MD, to view your pore and wrinkle depth, pigmentation, vascularity, and much more with incredible accuracy. This complete, non-invasive, clinical skin analysis maps, measures, and analyzes the targeted areas in regular, polarized, and ultraviolet light within minutes. From there, Dr. Moore can make specific recommendations to help you control or reverse the blemishes or sun damage, including IPL, SkinPen, and more.

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