Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Your Man

By Shanna

Ladies, has the man in your life been feeling lethargic and forgetful lately? Has his libido or sexual performance dwindled? If so, he may be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or hypogonadism, a deficiency in testosterone that we refer to as low-T (low testosterone).

Low-T and ED are common, progressive issues for men as they age. When men experience either, it can affect his sex drive and how his body functions. Fortunately, your man doesn’t have to let the effects of aging lower his quality of life, thanks to The Edge For Men!

Richard Moore, M.D., owner of The Edge For Men, has extensive training in the management of the human body’s physiology, particularly in testosterone therapy. When the man in your life schedules his consultation at The Edge For Men, Dr. Moore will listen to his concerns, take a full medical history, and review laboratory results. Based on this information, he will determine the proper treatment plan to restore your man’s vitality.

When it comes to low-T, usually testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is suggested. For most patients, this includes injections or bio-identical hormone pellets, which are carefully inserted beneath the skin and are slowly absorbed over 4 to 6 months. Within a short period of time, your man will experience noticeable improvements in his well-being as his testosterone levels are optimized!

As for ED, this common issue is often caused by a number of contributing elements, including low-T, medications, vascular insufficiency, certain chronic medical conditions, stress, and more. Dr. Moore addresses each of these conditions and ensures that testosterone levels and associated hormone levels are optimized. There are various treatments that tackle the unique causes to the condition, such as a diminished blood flow, a decreased libido, or more.

Help the man in your life look and feel his very best with the help of The Edge For Men! Call (314) 736-4MEN today to schedule a consultation.

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