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Sculpting the New You: Why Tickle Lipo Is the Modern Choice Over Traditional Liposuction

By Amy Candrl

When it comes to achieving that sculpted appearance you’ve been working so hard for, sometimes diet and exercise just don’t cut it. Specific areas of your body might be stubbornly hanging onto fat, making you consider cosmetic treatments for targeted fat removal. One of the most popular and effective choices is liposuction.

Navigating the world of liposuction can seem like a complex maze, especially with the variety of techniques and methods available. Two names that often come up are traditional liposuction and Tickle Lipo. Understanding the differences between these two popular types can help you make an informed decision. Let’s shed some light on the critical differences between these two methods, from the procedure process to recovery.

Traditional Liposuction: Procedure Process

During the traditional liposuction procedure, the patient is usually placed under general anesthesia. A cannula — think of it as a small, suctioning tube — is inserted into the problem area through small incisions to extract the fat. The cannula physically dislodges the fall cells and then suctions them out. While effective, this is a non-selective process, meaning it can result in significant trauma to adjacent tissues, vessels and nerves.

Tickle Lipo: Procedure Process

A revolutionary procedure, Tickle Lipo is performed in-office with local anesthesia while you are awake. It is safe, minimally invasive and comfortable, and it uses the latest technology in fat removal and body sculpting.

Much like traditional liposuction, Tickle Lipo involves a cannula inserted into the treatment area. However, Dr. Moore at The Lifestyle Center employs a micro-cannula for Tickle Lipo, allowing for much smaller incisions than traditional liposuction. The micro-cannula also utilizes a nutational movement to selectively remove fat in various areas, and the fat is emulsified with acoustic vibrations for easier removal. This combination results in a procedure that minimizes discomfort and maximizes results, making Tickle Lipo a standout option for body contouring.

Nutational Movement: Targeted Fat Removal

What It Does:

The cannula in Tickle Lipo employs nutational movement, which involves a complex, three-dimensional oscillating action. This motion is designed to selectively dislodge and emulsify fat cells, making them easier to suction out.

Key Benefit:

Nutational movement is exceptionally selective, focusing mainly on the fat cells and minimizing damage to surrounding structures like blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues by a whopping 80 to 90%. This selective focus leads to less post-procedure bruising and a quicker recovery.

Acoustic Vibration: Enhanced Fat Breakdown

What It Does:

Acoustic vibrations in Tickle Lipo utilize low-frequency sound waves that interact directly with the fat cells. These sound waves further break down or “liquefy” the fat cells, allowing them to be more easily removed.

Key Benefit:

The role of acoustic vibration is to add an extra layer of efficiency to the procedure. By helping to liquefy the fat cells, it makes it easier to suction them out, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Tickle Lipo procedure.

Local Anesthesia: The Understated Hero of Tickle Lipo

One of the standout features of Tickle Lipo is the use of local anesthesia. In a sea of medical jargon, anesthesia choices may seem overwhelming. However, understanding the distinction between local and general anesthesia can help you appreciate the benefits of Tickle Lipo that much more.

Local Vs. General Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia for Tickle Lipo

  • You Stay Awake: You’re conscious throughout the procedure, but the area being treated is numb.
  • Comfortable Treatment: The acoustic vibration used in Tickle Lipo further minimizes discomfort (in addition to the numbing anesthesia medication) by reducing agitation to the surrounding tissue, so you don’t have to worry about feeling pain during the procedure.
  • Faster Recovery: As there’s no need to “wake up” from anesthesia, you’ll be alert and ready to return to non-strenuous activities sooner, making it a prime choice for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Reduced Risks: There are fewer potential complications related to anesthesia use.

General Anesthesia for Traditional Liposuction

  • Unconscious: You’re completely “asleep” and unaware of the procedure.
  • Longer Recovery: It takes time to wake up and recover from the anesthesia, prolonging your overall healing.
  • Increased Risks: Respiratory issues and other complications are more prevalent.
  • Physical Side Effects: While not everyone experiences all of these, potential side effects of general anesthesia include the following:
    • Nausea and Vomiting: A fairly common issue, especially within the first few hours after surgery.
    • Dry Mouth: Many people experience dry mouth upon waking up.
    • Sore Throat: The insertion of a breathing tube can often result in a sore throat.
    • Chills and Shivering: A rapid change in body temperature can occur.
    • Muscle Aches: The use of certain muscle relaxants with general anesthesia can contribute to discomfort.
    • Itching: This may be due to anesthesia medications or the body’s response to the surgical procedure.

    Simply put, local anesthesia offers fewer side effects, reduced risks and a quicker bounce back to your routine, making Tickle Lipo with local anesthesia a far superior option for fat removal.

    Experience a Faster Recovery With Tickle Lipo

    When considering recovery, Tickle Lipo generally offers a quicker and more comfortable experience compared to traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction is often more traumatic and involves general anesthesia, making for extensive recovery times and more bruising and swelling. On the other hand, Tickle Lipo uses local anesthesia and involves a gentler process, which typically translates to less post-procedure bruising and swelling. These advantages make Tickle Lipo a more convenient option for those looking to return to their daily activities and enjoy their results sooner.

    Elevate Your Fat Transfer: Why Tickle Lipo Could Be Your Best Choice

    Fat transfer procedures can enhance areas such as the breasts (fat transfer breast augmentation) and butt (Brazilian Butt Lift). When it comes to fat removal and transfer, both traditional liposuction and Tickle Lipo are widely used methods. However, they have some differences that could potentially affect the quality of fat harvested for transfer.

    The aggressive nature of traditional liposuction can potentially damage more fat cells during extraction, which could affect the viability of the fat for transfer and result in fewer healthy cells available after purification. Tickle Lipo is often touted for harvesting higher-quality fat that’s more suitable for transfer since it separates the fat cells from the surrounding tissue and removes them more gently.

    Ready to Sculpt Your Dream Physique? Discover the Tickle Lipo Advantage in St. Louis!

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