10 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Should Stay Physically Active

By Amy Candrl

We all know that eating well and exercising regularly is beneficial, but many of us make excuses to skip out on that sweaty session at the gym. While 30% of us say that we get regular physical activity, a whopping 40% claim that they live sedentary lives overall.

If you’re in that 40% of people (or are in the 30% and want some more motivation), here are 10 reasons why you should make exercising and staying physically active more of a priority in your life right now:

Feel More Energized – Do you find yourself feeling tired all the time? Try exercising! Being active more often can actually help you feel more energized all day long. That’s because physical activity causes an increase in blood and oxygen to flow into your working muscles. This, along with a temporary increase in your metabolism, will make you feel energized!

Boost Your Memory – If you want to try to avoid experiencing brain fog, scheduling a good workout regularly can help you improve your memory. The increased amount of oxygen that flows in your veins from exercise will energize your brain, which ultimately helps boost your memory and allows you to learn new things more easily.

Withstand Stress More Easily – Everyone has stress, which can wreak havoc on your body and mind if you don’t find a healthy outlet to help release it. Countless studies have shown that regular exercise is a fantastic way to combat stress. Your body is flooded with endorphins, which are natural stress-fighters, and can take your mind off whatever’s stressing you out at the moment. The end result: a happier, more relaxed you!

Help Improve Your Overall Appearance – While we can’t do much about our genetic makeup, exercise can help us look our best by making our bodies more toned and defined. You can shed fat around your face and body while sculpting and toning your muscles.

You’ll Get Better Sleep – Having a tough time falling asleep? Here’s another reason why regular physical activity is good for you. According to the National Sleep Foundation, regular exercise can improve your sleep. Of course, the best time to work out is in the morning or in the afternoon – not before bedtime; otherwise, it could have the opposite effect and can keep you up!

Improve Your Flexibility – When you stretch before and after your physical activities, your muscles will become more elastic, which will improve your overall range of motion. Want to become more flexible? Try yoga or Pilates!

You’ll Increase Your Immunity – No one enjoys being sick. Exercising regularly, though, can help you boost your immunity to fight off illnesses! A recent study found that those who worked out regularly were half as likely to catch a cold than those who didn’t.

Perfect Your Posture – Want to work on your posture? One of the best ways is to exercise the muscles that support your back, including your abdominals and all the other muscles along your back. Regularly exercising can help you go the extra mile in perfecting your sitting and standing posture!

It Could Help You Live Longer – Healthy living can help keep you live longer, and a big part of that equation is exercising regularly. Even a little bit of frequent exercise like walking your dog or taking a leisurely bike ride every morning can help prolong your life!

You’ll Be Happier – Aside from the rush of endorphins that will flood your brain during and after a good workout, exercise can improve your overall mood! What better reason to make working out a priority in your life?

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