Give Your Body the Curves You Want With Our Brazilian Butt Lift!

By Amy Candrl

It’s summertime, and who doesn’t want to flaunt their ideal body around in a little bikini? If you wish your body were a little curvier, even after exercise and a proper diet, then your wish is our command! Dr. Richard Moore and his skilled team of specialists at The Lifestyle Center can improve your bodylines and give you the curvaceous body of your dreams with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

If you wish your waist appeared to be smaller and your backside were more rounded and uplifted, then the Brazilian Butt Lift could be the right procedure for you! A rounded hip area will naturally make your waist look smaller, giving you a curvier, more feminine silhouette.

The Lifestyle Center is proud to use less invasive treatments like the Brazilian Butt Lift, giving you a more natural and youthful body shape, all without implants. We use the advanced Tickle Liposuction procedure to gently harvest stem-cell enriched fat from your body and transfer it to shape, contour, and lift to your buttocks. This gives you a sleeker midsection, too! We also recommend contouring your waist or those pesky “love handles” with the Brazilian Butt Lift to help you accentuate your gorgeous curves!

Using this transfer method, Dr. Moore can effectively alter the hip area in many ways, depending on what kind of body shape you want. Got an athletic build but want a more feminine outline? We will add fat to the indented sides of your buttocks to create a curvier shape. Looking to enhance your curves and volume at the top of your buttocks? We can transfer any unwanted fat to the upper quadrant area, giving you the body you want.

While you will notice an immediate difference in your body shape after the procedure, you will experience the full effects of the Brazilian Butt Lift in about 3 months. Like our other happy patients, you’ll love shopping for new clothes to show off your new body contours and enjoy everything that summer has to offer with confidence!

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