Patient Journey Story

The Patient Becomes the Provider

By Amy Candrl

Linda had always been self-conscious about the middle of her body. She didn’t struggle much with her weight but didn’t have the defined waist she wanted, especially after having kids. The extra flesh even extended to her back area, which bothered her. She longed to be the one in group photos who didn’t have to fight to hide behind others to feel beautiful and free from constantly thinking about how her midsection looked to others.

Linda tried countless diets and exercise programs to target her midsection “extra” but couldn’t seem to shed the annoying extra fat around her middle. She thought she would always wear tight Spanx whenever she put on her corporate work pants or dresses for special occasions. And that’s what made Linda decide to consider undergoing liposuction.

Why She Chose Dr. Moore

In doing extensive research, Linda looked for a well-established doctor she could trust. Experience, being board-certified, good bedside manners, and a comfortable office setting made the list of must-haves in her search. Not only did Linda find all that at The Lifestyle Center of Missouri, but she got so much more from Dr. Moore.

Richard Moore, M.D. is the medical director and owner of The Lifestyle Center, board certified by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. And it’s his dedication to his patients that’s most noticeable. From the first appointment to the completion of results, Dr. Moore is by your side. Not delegating consultations to other staff members, the doctor welcomes one patient per day so each person has a relationship that can be counted on during their

The best part? His profound honesty. Dr. Moore won’t let anyone have procedures that aren’t right for them or if he senses that the motive for surgery is for the wrong reasons. Suppose you’re not the right candidate for the treatment you’re considering. In that case, he will make clear what other steps you may wish to choose instead, with the possibility of even better results than you expected, even if this means a loss of profits for his practice.

During your assessment with Dr. Moore, you might be nervous for many reasons. You’ll be sitting in a paper robe with little disposable underwear, just waiting for a professional to pinch your least-liked areas with forceps to determine what kind of fat you have. But at The Lifestyle Center, it’s not embarrassing or uncomfortable. It felt safe. And fortunately, Linda qualified for the liposuction she wanted around her stomach and flank areas and was thrilled to be in the hands of such a professional and talented surgeon.

Linda’s Life-Changing Results

The physical benefits are more than appearances for Linda. Her liposuction surgery has aided in her physical and mental health journey overall. Immediately after her short recovery period, she loved her defined midsection. That meant no more Spanx after the compression garments used for healing.

Soon after the surgery, Linda celebrated a wedding anniversary on a cruise with her entire family and felt comfortable wearing anything she wanted. She can now hike farther and was even inspired to walk the Grand Canyon trail on vacation with her father, creating an unforgettable lifelong memory. She practices yoga daily and is more confident as a yoga instructor to her friends.

Three years later, at the time of this article, Linda is at the same weight and has maintained her new shape. If anything, it’s helped her to be more conscious of her health and remain determined to avoid gaining fat. Linda wants to enjoy her results as long as possible.

Results for most lipo patients include losing bulk and inches from up to 3 areas at a time, like your belly, sides, back, hips, legs or arms. She encourages anyone who is considering a change to “Reward yourself. You won’t regret it.”

And Then What Happened

Her procedure was successful, and Linda was thrilled with the results, just as she had hoped. She felt more confident than she had in years and was finally comfortable in her own skin. She tossed out all binding undergarments and proudly accepted the compliments (and envy) from others, including her mom, who struggled with the same body type.

But something unexpected also happened during her recovery period. As she spent time in the doctor’s office, Linda found herself fascinated by the procedures and work behind the scenes. She felt the pull to be surrounded by an honest group of people in a positive environment. So Linda decided to apply for a job to use her skills from years of working in the entertainment industry and apply them to help others feel confident again, just like she did. The patient became the provider.

Quickly Linda has become an integral part of the office. She’s grateful to work in an industry that has changed her life and is excited to help others do the same. While her journey from patient to employee was unexpected, she found her passion in the most unlikely of places and is grateful for the chance to help more people see the same happiness she has.

Linda remarked, “You might not be looking for a career change or a new job, but you will still be the most important part of our practice.” And we want to be an essential part of your life, too.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Moore

If you’re considering an aesthetic change, Dr. Moore has the experience and certifications to help you get the best results. His focus is on one patient at a time and their best interests are two things that truly separate him from other surgeons.

Starting with an honest assessment of your needs and wishes, you will feel comfortable and like you’re with a friend you can really trust. Because you can. The entire Lifestyle Center team is ready to help you through your journey and will be by your side the whole time.

It’s not just about your cosmetic options but about choices that affect every aspect of your day to day. As Linda says to all potential patients, “Take the step, make the first call. It will change your life.” Make that call today at 314-863-5556. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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